Hi, I’m Roni

I love traveling, listening to all kind of music, laughing out loud and eating good food. And yes, I’m taking photos of everything.

My photos…

I love taking photos obviously. I do hate and really am not good at photo editing, therefore I do not edit my photos. I prefer spending time taking photo the way I want it to be than to sit in front of computer editing.

My photos are on display in many homes all around the globe. Yes, most are in my home country Croatia, but they get as far as San Francisco, New York and Sydney.

I did lot of apartment and restaurant photos that are all over the web and in printed marketing materials.

I get asked regularly for photos to go with articles in magazines and all around blog sphere.

First book with my photos decorating the story, including cover page, was published in 2015, second one in 2016 and third one in 2017 🙂

Do I need to talk about photos in press? Well everything from events to private celeb photo shoots…